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Frithville Primary School

World Book Day

Today we celebrated World Book Day across both schools – the 25th Anniversary. The £1 book selection…

Children will receive their £1.00 book token. There is a brand new selection of books in 2022, which children can choose for free with their token. Books for beginning, early, fluent and independent readers, there is something for everyone. Alongside the 12 titles available across the UK.

The books will be available from booksellers from 17 February 2022. What a day… In school we’ve come as characters from our favourite books, staff have taken “shelvies” and children had to guess which book shelf belongs to which member of staff… Class 1 are making magic recipes and designing house ties. Class 2 are re-writing extracts from the class text to create their own version of the book.

A huge thank you for the books brought into school today for the “Book Swap”. Tremendous!